jQuery Mosaic plugin

by tin.cat · download on Github · see examples

Builds responsive mosaics of images or any other content fitted to match heights in multiple rows while maintaining aspect ratios

now with floating points!

Key features

Version history

Basic usage


You can optionally specify the following options when calling the plugin to customize the mosaic:

For example:

<div id="myMosaic"> <img src="image1.jpg" /> <img src="image2.jpg" /> <img src="image3.jpg" /> <img src="image4.jpg" /> ... </div>
$('#myMosaic').Mosaic({ maxRowHeight: 800, refitOnResize: true, refitOnResizeDelay: false, defaultAspectRatio: 0.5, maxRowHeightPolicy: 'crop', highResImagesWidthThreshold: 850, responsiveWidthThreshold: 500 });

Advanced usage